I'm in the process of changing some my rewards, but before I do anything I'd like to discuss this topic with everyone...

My goal starting next month would be to focus more on finished artwork and animation and less on tutorials. If you attended any of my daily streams you probably already know that I started dabbing in animation (some of my work has been already featured on several art sites) - I'd like to work more of that as well.


There would still be WIPS/Project files and timelapses available to watch and download, but stuff like tutorials would be done more sporadically and in less detail.


I want to add several artwork related additions into rewards, including high quality laminated print-outs of anything you requested mailed straight to your home. Smaller tiers would receive a sketch request option while bigger ones fully finished art.


What do you think about those changes? Fell free to let me know via Telegram or catch me when I'm streaming.